Thursday, July 24, 2008

Boat Ride!

Today our family,Grammy,Grandpa,and Uncle John and Aunt Fanny's family went to
Booth Bay.At 3:00pm we went on a harbor cruise.Uncle John,Noah,Billy,Thomas,Nicolas,and I
sat on the top of the boat.When we went out of the harbor we went over huge waves and got sprayed with water. We had a great time.On the way back into the harbor we saw porpoises!
Here are some pictures of the family and scenery.What a great ride!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Greetings from Orrs Island!
The whole Latorella Clan has been here since last Saturday!
We all have been having a great time playing games and just relaxing!
Matthew,Noah,and I have swam everyday so far.
We also have had fun using the row boat.
Tree Tops is better than I ever thought.
It is a really neat old cottage with a addition with the kitchen in it.
The bedrooms are sweet and nice.For the first two days Uncle Mark,Aunt Jill,Trevor,and Derek were here.Now we are down to 17 of us which include Grammy,Grandpa,Uncle Bob,Aunt Lynne,Matthew,Ryan,Aunt Fanny,Uncle John,Nicholas,Thomas,Mom,Dad,Me,Noah,Billy,Ty,and Abby!Wow,what a group!Another past time we all enjoy is looking for sea glass.We all have had a great time and are looking foward to are last couple days here!
Here are some pictures of the last couple days!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday Billy!

Yesterday was Billy's 8th birthday!
He had a cars theme.
We did a treasure hunt for his presents.
At every stop he got one present and a clue to the next hiding place. The last was the garage were we had hid his brand new bike.
He was soo surprised!!
The Ramsays and Puffers came for cake and ice cream.
Here is some pictures of all the fun!!
I will re-post with more pictures from Noah's Camera.

A happy Billy Boy!

Opening his first present

His new shoes from Grammy and Grandpa Chapman

opening a card from Chloe and Noah

Noah reading a clue

Billy and his new lizard shoes

Billy and his New Bike!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chapman Family Picture

Here is the new Chapman Family Picture for 2008!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 70th Birthday Grandpa!

While we were in Michigan this past week,we celebrated my Grandpa's 70th birthday!
The party was on July 4th,so the colors were red,white,and blue.The cake was done in a
golf theme,because my Grandpa is a big golfer.
Here are the pictures for you to enjoy!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

All the Aunts and Uncles (my great aunt and uncles)

We had the party in the garage for shade

Katie and Amanda Hanging out

All the cars lined up

Grandpa's Golf cake (it was yummy)

what are you talking about ?