Saturday, August 30, 2008

Medieval Dinner!

Tonight we are going to have Medieval dinner.It was part of school for this week.
I even made a shirt to wear.Noah is dressing as a monk,Billy and Ty are dressing like Robin Hood,Abby is dressing like a princess,Mom and Dad are going to be the king and Queen,and I will be a Noble Lady.We have had a lot of fun planning the menu and "costumes"!
The menu is:
English Beef Roll with mustard sauce
Garlic Roasted Potatoes
Twelfth Night Cake
I will put pictures on later!

Our Hearty Group ready for a fun evening!

Me (Chloe) in My Noble Womens outfit

Princess Abigail Joy

Ty one of Billy's Merry Men

Billy or Robin Hood

The King and Queen Of Chapman Manor

The table settings were fun to come up with .

The English Beef Roll(it was great!)

Noah the monk on his recorder

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meacham Lake!

On Sunday our friends the Ramsey's,invited us to go to Meacham Lake.
The campground is about 30 min. from Malone.We had such a nice evening swimming,and
roasting marshmallows.For supper we had barbecue chicken on the grill,grilled pita pockets with cheese,chips,hot dogs,and veggies and dip.We all had a nice cool evening at the lake.

Calin swimming!
what a beautiful sunset on Meacham lake!
there were lots of ducks around
getting ready for supper

The children had soo much fun in the lake!

P.S. Check out the blog entree about my parents anniversary,I put on some pictures
from their boat ride in the Thousand Islands

Friday, August 22, 2008

New Life Savers!

Last week we got a "new" used suburban.
We also got a dishwasher,and a friend of ours put it in for us.
It has been dream to finally have a dishwasher after 7 years of not having one!
The new car is soo nice,(the nicest thing we have ever owned!).
It is a 2005 with only 33,000 miles.Dad had to go to Syracuse( 4 hours away) to buy it!
We all love it soo much!
Here are some pictures of our new lifesavers!:)

P.S. check out the new slideshow!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Header!

Hope you like the new Happy Chappy blog header!
Also check out Dad's Blog Berries in the Meadow .
He has a new blog header made by Amy Powers of Inspire Company.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy 20th Annivarsary Mom and Dad!!

My Mom and Dad recently celebrated their 20Th Anniversary!
They went on a day trip to the Thousand Islands near Watertown,NY.
Many Millionaires built mini castles on the island for summer homes.
They had a great time!I made them a coconut cake
with their cake topper from their wedding!
Here are some pictures of the cutting of the cake!

Here are some pictures of the boat trip my parents took in the Thousand Islands,NY

Pictures Complements of N.C.C. Photography