Monday, March 29, 2010

New Stuff on My Etsy Store

I just out a few new items on my Etsy store, I know it has been a long time since I have had anything on there.Hope you enjoy,the picture below is a link to my store.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Suuggle Time!

Tonight the children were having fun just snuggling on Noah's lap while Mom read an exert from her book.I just thought it was too cute to pass up on a picture for the blog!

Good Night Everyone!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Couples Night!

Finally here are the pictures from Couples Night!This year Mom and Dad were one of the three couples in charge. They started meeting in January and started making some of the decorations in February.The big night was March 12. All the youth served the dinner to 65 or so couples.
The menu was: Japanese chicken,mashed potatoes,mixed veggies,rolls,tossed salad,Cherry pie,oatmeal pie,and coffee. We also started the evening with cream cheese with pepper jelly, and fruit punch.So below is the set up pictures and some of the big night.I hope you enjoy!

Little helpers!

Hanging the Paper lanterns

A table overview from the ladder

Mom adding ribbon to the plants

Dad making the "Love Bird" name cards

Setting the table for the big night



Here is a picture of the couples in charge of Couples night
Janet and Gelndon Fox; Mom and Dad; Anna and Joseph Leid

Washington D.C. Here We Come!

On Monday Noah and Billy's School went to
Washington D.C. to the Smithsonian's.
Both Me and Mom and Dad went along as chaperons.
Below are pictures from the trip, enjoy!

The Capital and Washington Monument

Getting ready to go on the Subway

Here we go!!

These pictures below are from the Air and Space Museum

This is the original Wright's Brothers plane
the fabric was replaced but the wood frame is the real one.

These pictures below are from the Natural History Museum

This is the famous Hope diamond

The pictures below are from the American History Museum

This is the Uniform of George Washington

This is a copy of the Declaration of Independence

This a suit and hat of President Abraham Lincoln

The pictures below are of Julia Child's kitchen

Getting ready for a program on Civil Rights

Ready to go in and have fun!

Ready to go on the bus!