Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday night

Last night the children made cards for Grammy Gigi who is in the Hospital.
Grammy Gigi is the Longino's Grandma but the little children have taken over calling her Grammy Gigi as well.Here are some pictures of there card making banaza!
Also check out the new pictures I put on the entry about my Mom's birthday.
I found some of her birthday cake.

Even Dad made a card!

Here is Abby hard at work

Ty did a great job on his card,he loves to draw!

I thought this was the sweetest pose of Abby coloring her card!

Billy did a great writing his own message in his card!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's and My Uncle Bob's birthday(they are twins!)
Today Mom and Dad went out to breakfast and then our whole family went to
Plattsburgh to do some shopping.We all went out to the Chinese buffet for lunch.
We all had a great time.Then this evening the Longino Family came to have cake and ice cream with us!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tuesday Nights

Hey There,
Noah here. I'm reporting for Tuesday nights with Po and No. This time we changed a light bulb in our car and made banana bread. here are the photos. they are not very good, but I was working fast. enjoy.
This is "No" signing out!

Here is all the ingredients for the bread

One happy Helper
Mixing it up
two happy helpers
Three happy helpers
All helping Dad make the bread

Dad and Abby

All three Happy Helpers

The Finished Banana Bread

Here is the light bulb from the head light

Here is the headlight that we changed

Monday, March 9, 2009

Behind the Scenes of Etsy

I thought you all might enjoy seeing how I list stuff for my Dad on Etsy!
Here are some pictures that show you the steps on how I do it!
I want to give a big thank you to Noah (my brother) for letting me use his camera and sometimes his laptop.
Check out Dad's Etsy store because I just added more stuff and will be adding more the next two days!

The first step is getting everything organized and priced

Here is the back of the back round that I use to take the pictures of the stuff

This is the front view of the back round
With the the items I start with a group of items that are in a collection

Then I take the individual item pictures

Here is another back round that I use

I use it (the coffee table) for longer items or items that don't match the "happy" back round

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tuesday Night With Po and No!

For the last couple of weeks my Mom and I have been going to a Bible study on Tuesday nights.
Which left Dad and Noah to look after the children.So Mom came up with the idea of making it a special night to do craft projects,cooking goodies,or play games.Mom nick-named it Tuesday nights with Po and No.The story behind the name is that the children call Dad, Papa,but Papa still did not rhyme with No(which is short for Noah).So they decided to call Dad Po so it would Rhyme!
Sounds kinda silly,I know,but the children loved it.Last night was the first night.They made marshmallow people and took lots of pictures.
Here are the pictures that Noah took of there fun night!

P.S. Check out our Etsy Store Mini listed in the side bar!

Here is Billy with his great marshmallow man!

This is such a cute picture with Dad holding Abby's hand to hold up her marshmallow lady!

Here is the group having such a great time!

This was Ty's creation,although we don't quite know what it is!