Friday, July 31, 2009

More PEI!

Today I am putting pictures on of Green Gables.I really enjoyed visiting here.
This house was Lucy Maude Montgomery's Uncle and Aunts house which was the inspiration for Green Gables in her novel Anne of Green Gables.They have set the house up to look like how it was described in Anne of Green Gables.I hope you enjoy the pictures!

This is the front of the house

The back of the barns

This picture was taking from the "haunted woods" below

These are both pictures of the bridge going over into the haunted woods

The Flowers and Gardens were beautiful

Peeking through the window out to the barns

The room above is "Marllia's room"

The above is the "Spare room"

The Pantry

The hall,I thought that mirror was very neat!

These dishes are really pretty,especially all put together like this

The room above is the dinning room

The room above is "Anne's room" My personal favorite!

The Parlor

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hi From Prince Edward Island!

Hi, everyone here are some pictures of Prince Edward Island. It is soo beautiful and calm here.We have all really enjoyed our trip. Here are some pictures from the first three days,I hope you enjoy them!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Graduation Party!

Last night my Grammy and Grandpa Latorella had an graduation party for me.
It was held at my Aunt Anne's (Fanny) house.We started the evening with swimming,and then we ate the delicious supper of ribs,chicken,hot dogs,macaroni salad,and marinated carrots.
For dessert my Grammy bought a very special graduation cake for me,an cake shaped like an teapot!I loved it so much I did not want to cut an eat it!
I had a great evening!Look below for the pictures.
I want to thank all my aunts and uncles,and cousins,and especially my parents and grandparents for making my graduation this year so special.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Billy Boy!

Billy had his 9th birthday in Friday.I know it is a little late,but I thought you would like to see the pictures anyway.We had the party on the deck in the evening and had Wayne and Rosella over for dinner,then later in the evening some of Billy's friends came and had dessert,and actually spent the night!Our family tradition is to go to Shady Maple to get our free breakfast which as I am sure you know,Billy loved! For his gifts,he got a digital camera,1 GB memory card,a flashlight,and an heavy duty measuring tape.He was very pleased with all his gifts,especially the camera which he has been asking for!
Here are some pictures of all the fun!