Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Snowy pictures

Today I thought I would put on some more pictures from yesterdays walk that Abby and I took.
The first ones are of the horses that live in the field and barn directly beside us.
It is a big improvement over the hundreds of ducks that lived at our last house!
Billy sure loves it here,he is our cowboy at heart!
Hope to soon have some sledding pictures of the boys and Abby for you.
Enjoy your day!

I couldn't decide if he didn't like the snow or his picture being taken

On the other side of those poles is our driveway/lane.
You can't tell because the drifting of the snow was SO bad yesterday.

This is the horses abode, it sure looks pretty nice to me!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Winters Walk

Today Abby and I decided to take a walk outside.So we got all geared up and out we went to brave the cold and new fallen snow.
We got our first BIG snow fall if the year last night and so we thought we would go out an explore!Personally I think everything looks more pretty when covered in pure white snow!
We first tried making a snowman and then sledding, but the snow would not cooperate with us.
So out came Noah's camera to snap some pictures,thanks Noah for sharing your awesome camera.Well Abby sure was a willing subject for many of the photos,but I also took some shots of the barns,our new house,and the Log Cabin that is part of the property we live on.
I will warn you, we do not own this great spot of land in Lancaster County, we rent and just get the benefit of looking and admiring our surroundings!
There are a lot of pictures because I just couldn't get enough pictures of the beauty I saw around me.Hope you enjoy our "photo walk".

Here is our new house

This the spring house that sits right beside our house

This is the top part of the barn that is nearest to our house

This was a technique that Noah taught me, you fog up your lens to create a blur effect

Abby seemed mostly to enjoy rolling down the hills

This the Log Cabin that sits about 200 yards from our front door!
It is from the 1700's and was one of the first homes that was built in Lancaster County

This was her attempt at a Snow Angel

Ready, set, SMILE!

She got pretty tired out after the walk
She was very ready for some Hot Chocolate and soup!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dashing Through The Snow.....

Dashing through the snow in a two horse open sleigh, ore the fields we go a laughing all the way!!!
That definitely describes our ride. While we were in New Hampshire visiting family over Christmas break, our family decided to go on a Sleigh ride.
So in the car we hopped all 13 of us and off we went to the Coppal House Farm in Lee,NH.
It was a memory that none of us will ever forget.It ended up that Billy,Mom,Dad,Grammy,Grandpa,and some of the other little children sat up front and Noah, Nicolas and I sat at the back. What we didn't realize was that every time the horse would start walking we would get jerked really hard back there.A couple of times I thought that Nicholas surly was going to fall out the back! He loved this of course and would just laugh and laugh every time.
Our driver was the man who owed the farm and he was a great host.He told us all kinds of story's about the farm and who started it back in the 1700's.After the ride was over we got to drink Hot Cocoa and cookies by the bonfire they had for us.
In all it was a great Memory!
Thank You Grammy!!!!

You made it through the whole ride with out falling off!

Mom and Dad had great time

I see trouble, Double Trouble!!

I love the hat Thomas

Here is a picture of the Driver, he even dressed up!

Monday, January 3, 2011

More Comming

I will be posting some pictures of our Christmas vacation soon.
They were uploaded onto Noah's Laptop and he accidentally left it at my Grandma's house.
So his laptop is in route by way of the mail back home were it should be.
As soon as it arrives I will post some pictures for you.
Hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!