Saturday, August 29, 2009

Grammy's Retirement Party

Dear Grammy,
Happy Retirement!
I hope you all have a great time at your party.
Wish we could be there!
Love you!

From all the Happy Chappys
Phil,Beth,Chloe,Noah,Billy,Ty,and Abby


Monday, August 10, 2009

Beach Days PEI

We loved going to Cabot beach when we were in Prince Edward Island.
Is was very quite with not a lot of people and the views were beautiful as you will see in the pictures.The children loved to going swimming in the ocean (as do I but I did not put any of me swimming!).There was also lots of crabs and jellyfish,in fact they call it the jellyfish beach!
Here are some pictures from two days that we visited the beach.

These are the shells of razor clams and regular clams

Billy,Abby,and Ty playing the water

Billy made several castles while we were at the beaches

The red sand and cliffs are soo beautiful

This is the lighthouse near the beach

All of us going for a stroll on the waters edge

Smile Ty!

Abby looking out for jellyfish!

Billy skipping rocks

This is all of us children sitting on the lifeguard stand

Here is one of the many crabs

This jellyfish is dead,that is the only reason you can hold it!

The red sandy dunes were beautiful
The beach

Abby did not like the seaweed

Me and Ty wading in to cool off

The red Sandstone cliffs

Here is a view of Cabot beach from the bottom of the lighthouse

Pictures courteous of: NCC Photography

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gateway Village PEI

Here are pictures of our first day on the Island.When you first come off the bridge that connects New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island,there is a welcome center and some very nice gift shops.We soo enjoyed taking pictures of us in front of the Anne statute and having Abby dress up like "Anne".Abby thought that was so fun!For most of the rest of the trip she would say"I am Anna Grables" instead of Anne of Green Gables!We got quite a kick out of that.
I hope you enjoy these pictures.

Here is are our own "Anna Grables"!

I can't believe I put this picture on the blog!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Avonlea Village PEI

While we were in Prince Edward Island we went to Avonlea Village.
It is a great little place that makes you feel like you are living in the Story of Anne of Green Gables.For the admission price you can come for two days.As you know our family we took advantage of this and went one full day and then went back for an afternoon later in the week.
We really enjoyed our time here and the children loved all the activities they had for the children.The pictures are not in order but I think you will still like them.
Hope you enjoy these snapshots of our visit!

The last event of the day is a pig race

The last skit of the day is called "10 years later" and shows Anne and Gilbert getting married

In the afternoons they have "field Day" with all sorts of relay games.

The children really enjoyed the sack race

Smile Abby!

"Anne" enjoying her ice cream

All the children got to have pony rides for free!

Ty loved ridding on the pony!

Billy rode the bigger pony because it looks more like a horse!
Our whole family dressed up for this fun Old Fashioned picture

Anne and Dianna

Anne asking Mrs. Lynne to forgive her