Monday, July 25, 2011

Too Hot...Gone to the Beach!

While visiting my Grandparents in New Hampshire, we went to the beach, AGAIN!!!!!
I LOVE the beach, the sand,water and sun. The temperature is always cooler there than home.
We first tried a beach in Maine but there was no parking and it was too hot to walk a long distance to find some were else farther away. So we hopped back on the freeway and headed back to New Hampshire and went to Hampton Beach. By the time we got there the big crowds had left for the day and we enjoyed a nice quite spot. The water felt soo good after a long car ride and the waves were great! The children had a great time, although I couldn't convince the adults to join me in the water, they wanted to sit and read instead (although Grandpa did go in the water, I think I get my love of the ocean from him!). So even though it took awhile to find the right spot we had another great day at the beach, yea!!!

Also if you want to see more pictures of our beach day check Noah's Blog (he posted his beach day photos before me, a 1st for him!).

Who doesn't like to write in the sand?

Make sure to read Noah's comment on this picture at his blog

Here is our crew of family and mismatched chairs

And here are my wonderful Grandparents, who sure put-up

with a LOT when we come to visit

This is there attempt at sun bathing, I don't think they are going to see any results!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Graduate

Noah Chase Chapman
Class of 2011

Here is our Graduate! We are so proud of Noah, he worked very hard these past two years and now it has paid off. He will be going to Lancaster General Collage of Nursing and Heath Sciences,a starting August 22nd. We are all very excited.
Below are some pictures that I took in an attempt to take one for his graduation card that he sent around to our family and friends.
The one above is the one we settled on, although he did "fix" original picture so,
I can't take as much credit as I would like :( .
Make sure to check out his photo blog and enjoy his pictures and his ever present bag!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Long Beach Island

This past week our family had the privilege of delivering an order of my Dad's stuff, to a friend on Long Beach Island New Jersey. Some of you may remember that we visited here last year as well. Well this year was just as nice.The weather was perfect for wadding into the ocean, and we had a large section of the beach to ourselves which was nice. The children had a great time, although Ty got out of the water quickly and stayed ashore wrapped tightly in a towel the rest of the time. We even got ice cream at a stand on the way home, an improvement over last year when we stopped at the grocery store to buy drum sticks (they were the only place on the Island that took debit cards!).