Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is my (Chloe) 17th Birthday!
Two days ago I had a tea party for my birthday with all mine friends.
All of us dressed up in old fashioned clothes,and hats for the tea party.
I made an Afternoon Dress from 1914.I bought the pattern from
Sense and sensibility patterns.
We had tea and raspberry cordial from the Anne of Green Gables books.
I made chicken salad sandwiches with a side of watermelon,and pickles.
I also made coconut and raspberry cake! It tasted really good!
I want to thank my Mom,Dad,all my brothers and sister,and the LonginoGirls
for helping me get the party together without all of their help I never would
have gotten it all done! THANK YOU ALL!
Here are the pictures of my wonderful day!

Here is the table setting

Here is my place setting

We had chicken salad sandwiches for lunch!

with the chicken salad we had watermelon and pickles

Here is the coconut and raspberry cake I made,it was good

Ashley doing my "Anne of Green Gables"hair-do

Abby all dressed-up!

Ashley and her Peacock hat!

Smile Katie!

Annie and Natasha

Smile Sharon!

Here is the 1914 Afternoon dress I made for the party

Grace and Abby had their own little tea party with the Moms

Smile Lea!

Aunca and Betinia

Smile Ashley!

What a fashion statement!
Enjoying tea!

Grace and Abby having a race!

Our servers Mrs. Longino,and Mom!THANK YOU!

Ashley played some classical piano music! It was beautiful!

Enjoying the entertainment!

Betinia and Abby!

Our great looking group of girls!

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Akuarose said...

Hi Chloe, Nice party! It looks like everyone was having so much fun! When you have your hair done like that, you look so much like your mom! I never noticed before how much! Excellent! RW