Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome Uncle Mark,Aunt Jill,Trevor,and Derek!

Uncle Mark and Aunt Jill came on Monday to come visit us till Friday. We are all having a great time doing different activities with them. Yesterday we went skating at the town arena during free skate. We all had a great time,and most of the time we had the rink to ourselves.
Also the children have just had fun playing together at home. Today we went to the Wild Life Center in Massnea. The Children loved the animals and we had lunch in the neat old fashioned.It had a neat fire place and adirondack chairs made out of skis. Here our some pictures (taken by Aunt Jill )of all the neat stuff we have been doing! Hope you enjoy!!

The Children helped Aunt Jill make a great snowman in our front yard

The Children loved the cool chairs at the nature center

Little Derek enjoy the wood samples

Uncle Mark and Derek enjoying the nature center

Billy and Derek racing cars

Everyone enjoying a bedtime snack

Group picture of all the little cousins

Say Cheese!

They all loved the pushers !

GO! Uncle Mark!!

Great picture of Aunt Jill and Trevor

The little boys loved racing each other with Noah and Uncle Mark pushing them
I think this is the cutest picture of Trevor

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Noah said...

Hey Chlopie! (also known as Chloe)

Love your post. would have loved a "trim" in photoshop, though.

You are really good at this blogging thing.Leave it to you to surpass me in the electronic world. You're doing great