Thursday, November 12, 2009

Youth Bible School

Last week me and Noah had the privilege to go to a week long Youth Bible School.
In total there were 660 youth everyday! Our family had three girls come to stay at our house and Noah went and stayed at the Taylor's house so he didn't have to share the bathroom with six women (which includes my Mom).We had a great time!Each afternoon we were broken up into groups of 9 or so which were called prayer groups.There you could share what the messages meant to you and pray.We also had a chours!We spent an hour everyday practicing for Sunday night which was our program.I am still trying to get a video clip of it so you can hear it.The CD of the singing won't come till January.Here are some pictures of our week.

Here is a picture if the youth from our church Living Hope
This is a picture of all the Teachers,Principles and Matrons
This a picture of my Prayer group
This is Noah's Prayer Group

Here is just the front left section of the singing group
if you look hard you can find Noah and me!

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