Sunday, December 6, 2009


Hi everyone I know it has been a long time since I have put an entry on,
but here we go!I also know it has been a while since Thanksgiving,
but aren't we supposed to be thankful all the time?
So here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving in New Hampshire.
Hope you enjoy!

We had lots of yummy desserts,


Turkey,and family!

Hi Thomas we caught you red handed with the punch!

It was a relatively nice day so Trevor had a nice time playing outside!

Look at Derek go!!

Mom and Uncle Bob working hard at making the yummy meal!

The following are some different pictures of the table setting that Dad and I did.
(Dad did most of the designing!)

Well I hope you enjoyed our Thanksgiving pictures
and I hope you all had
a great Thanksgiving!

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Tasha said...

Hi Chloe, thnak you so much for posting the pictures. They are great. Ihope to talk to you very soon. Happy Thanksgiving to you also!!!!!!!!!!!!!