Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Night with Chlo and No!

Hi everyone,again sorry for the looong wait!
I thought tonight would be a great time to upload some pictures of the children making brownies and setting the table.
For the last couple weeks Mom and Dad have been going on Dates on Wednesday night,so me and No(Noah!) are here at home to hold down the fort with the children.
We try to do fun stuff with them on those nights but sometimes you run out of ideas or the children don't like your hard thought out plan!
Anyway as I said tonight the children wanted to help in the Kitchen so Ty helped my stir the salad together, and Abby and Billy mixed the brownies for dessert.
Sorry the pictures are not that great, but they are something to look at.

P.S. Do you like the new music? If you do leave a comment.
I thought it was a little more upbeat than what I had before,although the other music is still on farther down the list.


Stir Billy stir!Don't let it burn.

Abby LOVES to set the Table

Ty likes to help out to,although he doesn't enjoy it as much



and More mixing

Here is Ty with "His Salad" it is his favorite it includes:
Lettuce,apples,onions,carrots,broccoli,and shredded coleslaw mix.


Anonymous said...

I like the new music alot!!!!!


Tasha said...

The pictures are great!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure the children are having fun with you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for the update!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey the back round looks very nice. I can't wait o see you. Love you Tasha