Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Winters Walk

Today Abby and I decided to take a walk outside.So we got all geared up and out we went to brave the cold and new fallen snow.
We got our first BIG snow fall if the year last night and so we thought we would go out an explore!Personally I think everything looks more pretty when covered in pure white snow!
We first tried making a snowman and then sledding, but the snow would not cooperate with us.
So out came Noah's camera to snap some pictures,thanks Noah for sharing your awesome camera.Well Abby sure was a willing subject for many of the photos,but I also took some shots of the barns,our new house,and the Log Cabin that is part of the property we live on.
I will warn you, we do not own this great spot of land in Lancaster County, we rent and just get the benefit of looking and admiring our surroundings!
There are a lot of pictures because I just couldn't get enough pictures of the beauty I saw around me.Hope you enjoy our "photo walk".

Here is our new house

This the spring house that sits right beside our house

This is the top part of the barn that is nearest to our house

This was a technique that Noah taught me, you fog up your lens to create a blur effect

Abby seemed mostly to enjoy rolling down the hills

This the Log Cabin that sits about 200 yards from our front door!
It is from the 1700's and was one of the first homes that was built in Lancaster County

This was her attempt at a Snow Angel

Ready, set, SMILE!

She got pretty tired out after the walk
She was very ready for some Hot Chocolate and soup!


Noah C. said...

Your welcome for using my camera. I didn't know until I looked here. But There's nothing I can do about it now :-) Great shots. you must have a good teacher

Chloe said...

Yea I must!


Anonymous said...

awesome pictures!! snow is sooo pretty.....=)