Sunday, April 17, 2011

Junkyard Junkie

It was such a beautiful day,and as we have been having lots and LOTS of rainy days, I could not stand to be locked up in the house any longer.So I broke away and took a walk around our farm.
I also brought along Noah's camera (it's my new best friend, but don't tell Noah or his bag!).
I soon found my way over to the junk yard that sits out in a field, not far from our house.
As you know I love old things, and this junkyard provided an interesting half and hour of poking around and taking a few snapshots. In all I think I counted about 5 or 6 cars and that many or more ovens. There was even a kitchen sink!
Hope you enjoy the change from all my flower pictures.

P.S. Tomorrow I will be visiting Mount Vernon, so check back later this week for some pictures!

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