Wednesday, May 11, 2011

D.C, Diary: Day 2

I'm back again with more pictures and stories to tell of our great day in DC.
We started at 6:45 by waiting for the free shuttle bus, it comes right to the front of the campground where we are staying. Once we got into Union Station, we stopped and got some bagels for a nice treat. by 8:30 we were on tour bus and ready to roll. The tour that we chose is a hop on and off. It has 3 routes and multiple stops where you can get off and then catch the next bus that comes along.
We first took the Red Grand Tour route, and took a complete tour of the city with the detailed narration for each stop and for buildings along the way.
Then we got onto another bus and Dad,Mom,Billy,Ty,Abby,and I got off at the Air and Space Museum. Grammy,Grandpa,and Noah went to the Holocaust museum (which we didn't think was a good choice for the little ones,thus our stop to air and space).
We met back up at the World War 2 memorial were we tried to look up some relatives in the registry, but found that unless they died in the war, a relative has to input their information for them to be listed. When we get home we plan to enter my Great Grandpa Latorella and Chapman into the data base.
After a bus trip back to Union Station, we caught the free bus back "home" and had a great dinner of Chicken Nuggets, beans, salads, and watermelon. Mom and Grandma are really spoiling us! I did put on a lot of pictures, and I included some more "people" pictures.

P.S. Nicholas,Thomas,Trevor,and Derek, keep watching for tomorrows pictures.
We miss you all and hope to see you soon!!


The few pictures that follow of our "brunch/snack" at Union Station before
we got onto our tour bus

Hey Noah your breakfast sandwich sure looks good!

On our way to the bus stop

This is what our bus looked like, it was a great tour and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Billy and I sat on the roof top the entire day,
but Mom,Grammy and Grandpa chose downstairs for most of the trip

Here we are waiting in front of Union Station, (which is the Grand Central Station of DC)

getting ready for our next stop

The Smithsonian Castle

This is the "Greek Temple" exterior of the National Archives
Way in the back round you can see the white house

This is a picture of the Capital building from the opposite side that I showed you yesterday.
This is were Presidents are sworn in for office.

While Grammy,Grandpa and Noah were at the Holocaust Museum, we took the little ones to
the Air and Space Museum. They really loved it!

Here are Grammy and Grandpa standing under their States in the World War 2 Memorial

On our tour today we went by the Spy museum that we visited yesterday, so Noah snapped a picture to show you.

Here is a panorama view of our camp site (compliments of Noah's i pod)
Also most of the pictures were taken by Noah as well, check out his blog to his work.

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William said...

Seen your pictures of DC and the camp ground,What a nice trip.

Grandpa and Grandma