Friday, January 18, 2008

Every Day Life

I thought I would show some snapshots
from our life.Our day normally starts
with personal devotions,
then breakfast and morning chores.
After that we start school,
with me and Noah doing Science,
and History together
while Billy does school with mom.
I normally make lunch,which is normally soup,
salad,or sandwiches.After school is done Noah
works for Dad,and I do laundry,cleaning,or cooking.
My mom normally makes dinner and I help her.
I really enjoy cooking and baking!
in the evening we read a family read aloud.
After story time the little children go to bed,
while me and Noah have some personal time
doing different personal projects.
Hope you liked to see into our lives.
Here are some pictures from a regular day.

That's dad working- He's definitely an artist!

1 comment:

Blakeley said...

I love it, more,more,more....
Please put more of Mr. Chapmans
art on there... Call I want to
buy more.