Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Driving School!

Last Saturday My friends:Ashley,Carmon,Lea,and Noah's friend Alyosha
went to a 5 hour driving course.It was in Saranac Lake at the community college.
Our teacher was a retired policeman,and he was very nice!Our class started at 10:00a.m.
with watching a video about teenagers and accidents.The story's were really sad!
After that we took a short test,the teacher said not to worry,he would not grade them.
Then we got out our work books out,and each person read a accident report from a newspaper clipping.We then had to decide if it was the environment that caused the accident,or the driver.
Out of 28 people in our class only one was from the environment,and of the 27 accidents that
were the drivers fault,8-9 people were killed in them!The teacher told us that a least half of the
class would get in a accident within a year of getting our licences!We had a half an hour break for
lunch.I was SO embarrassed,because I dumped my drink,and it spilled all over the floor!
We read more in our book then had two more 10 min. breaks.The last thing we did was watch a
video about an bad accident in Florida.When the class got over at 3:30 p.m.,I was really glad.
Our teacher had told us at the beginning it was going to be a boring class and he was right!
Here are some pictures of my friends that I went with.

This Lea

This is Ashley and Carmon

This what the classroom looked like

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