Sunday, March 9, 2008

Snow Caves!

Yesterday The Longinos took Noah and me to Paul Smiths Interpretive Center
where we learned how to make snow caves.Ashley and me paired up to make one,Noah and Alyosha
made one together,and Katie and Grace made one together.Mr.Longino just walk around and helped the boys some with theirs.The boys snow cave was done first,and Katie was almost done with hers when Mr.Longino fell into hers.Mine and Ashley's took the longest and was the smallest because there was a lot of snow and ice to move.The instructor said if she had to choose who's was the best the boys had won!We worked on our"snow House"for two hours in really
bad weather.The instructor said it made the experience more realistic!We had a lot of fun,but got really cold and wet in the process.The lady made hot cocoa for us when we were done.
Here are some pictures of Ashley's and my snow cave,and also one of the boys(I didn't get pictures of Katie's before it caved in).

This is Ashleys and my snow cave!

Here is Ashley in our snow

This is the boys snow cave

This is Katie and Grace working on their snow cave

This Mr.Longino starting on his snow cave

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