Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Farm Show

Hi Everyone! I know it has been a LONG time since I have blogged!
On Tuesday our whole family and a friend of Noah's went to the Farm Show in Harrisburg.
It is like a agricultural fair all indoors! There are tons of tractor displays, animals, and booths of delectable food ( none of which I had the privilege to eat!) although Noah and his friend did split a blooming onion. One of my favorite parts was watching the horse pulling. In the competition we watched the winning team on horses pull 10,000 lb. 15 feet and 7 inches. Some of the teams could only pull that much 2 feet.In the end everyone had a great time and Noah got some really nice photos, some of which I did not put on, you will have to go to his blog to see them.I will let you know when he puts them on. Also check out my Dad's Blog to see all the new Valentines stuff we have been making! So enjoy the pictures!!!

P.S. I know I did not put on any pictures of Christmas or New Years, so if you still want to see them leave a comment saying so!


Ashley said...

Hey Chloe,
i love the pictures that you just put on. i would love to see pictures of X-mas and N.Y.E. if you're willing to put them on. = )


Anonymous said...

Hi Chloe!

I would also love to see your Christmas and New Years pictures.

Kristie (a friend of Christine's from Shutters and niece of Greg who makes the soy candles)

Anonymous said...

The live cow and Billy in the tractor bucket are my favorites. Share those holiday pics!
Aunt Jill