Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Holiday Recap

Hello Everyone,

this is Noah from N.C.C. Photography. I'm Chloe's little brother and I'm also the one that takes basically all the pictures you see on here. So I'm going to heed your comments because she recently has been a little sick and give some "Christmas in February". Here is just a bunch of photos of what we did. No order whatsoever. I hope I am a satisfactory substitute.
The boys (Billy and his cousin Nicholas pictured) created this sleep fort under the dining room table and actually slept there. It's kind of a Grandma's house tradition. I did it when I was their age.

We had a Christmas/ New Year's dinner While we were there. We had ham and lobster and -a love acquired at PEI by some- Muscles!

See Grandpa, I told you I'd get a picture!

Ty helped grandma play cards

Billy using his new portable player

Abby is always ready to pose

Nicholas Lighting the final Advent candle, signaling Christmas day

We played lots of games. Notice the open mouths. We did a lot of talking, too (and eating)

Grandma, thank you for hosting Christmas and New Years this past year. It wouldn't be the same without you!

Well I hope you've enjoyed this short little tour
just so you know- we did a lot more!
but to show you all that would be boring for you
so that is just something I'm not gonna do.

See ya later!
It's been Fun!

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Hey Chloe, what does it say?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????