Friday, September 24, 2010

Country Living Day one!

Today I decided that since I wrote so much yesterday, and had no pictures to go along with it, this would be a mostly picture entry.So for those of you who wish they could be here at the Country Living Fair, here is your free ticket, just sit back and enjoy!

Here is the front of our booth, for more pictures of Dad's booth check out his blog

This "flag" is our attempt at a awning to block some of the sun

Here Grandpa is taking a break outside the booth, he was a great salesman!

From beyond this point are pictures of the crowd and
some of the booths that I really enjoy

Isn't that such a cute lemonade stand!

I hope you enjoyed these snapshots of the show.
I know they are not as good as Noah's pictures,
Thank you Grandma for letting me borrow your camera!


Noah C. said...

Hey Chloe,

Either Grandma's camera isn't as bad as you say, or you are really good at making do. The untrained eye wouldn't notice the difference between these snapshots and my snapshots. So Congrats for that! Holding the fort here in PA, with high hopes of your safe (and profitable) return!

Kori Turner (olive grace studios) said...

Hi Chloe! I don't know if you saw this but thought you would! Your booth is in the video!

I hope to see you this weekend at Shaker in the Woods! Fondly, Kori

P.S. Your brother is right your pictures are great!