Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday TY!

Today is Ty's 7th birthday.He got up early this morning for our family tradition, going to
Shady Maple for a free breakfast! He was soo excited he could hardly go to sleep last night.
He also felt special since we brought cupcakes in to school for his whole 1st and 2nd Grade class.
Tonight Our very good friends Wayne and Rosella are coming over for a special supper that Ty picked out ( another family tradition).Meatloaf,Mashed potatoes,and Green Beans.They will also have some Cupcakes for dessert instead of a cake, but we do have the BIG 7 candle to go on Ty's cupcake.Hopefully tomorrow I can out some pictures on of his party and presents, but for now I have some pictures of the cupcakes I made for him. Enjoy!

Here are two cards that came in the mail for him and ready to be opened!


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