Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Travels in Maine

Hey everyone I am back! Well as you can see I have gotten myself back to the ocean once again!
For the past week I have had the privilege of staying with my Grandparents (All by myself!!).
We have had such a great time and one of the things we did this week was to go to Maine for 2 days!
We started our day by eating lunch at Stonewall Kitchen's flagship store in York, and the hit the highway for the fastest way up to Camden. Once we got there we got our hotel and then went down to the waterfront. They had a beautiful view as you can see above. After that we went to Lincoln Beach and dinner. I had Chicken parmesan and the most devine chocolate cake with raspberry sauce.
Then we went up Mount Battie were you can see for miles around. They also have a tower up there so you can climb up to see even further! We stayed until almost sundown ( we would have stayed longer but they lock the gates, and we didn't want to get stuck up there!). The next day we got up and then took our time driving down Route 1 through all the little ocean front towns. For Lunch Grandpa pick one of his favorite places in Booth Bay. My Chicken fingers were great (if you don't know already, I don't like seafood, which is strange when you love going to Maine!). We then drove around Ocean Point were we got out to see some sailboats and a lovely stone church that was getting ready to have a wedding that afternoon. 

I think that is enough Writing for now, I finish tomorrow with some more pictures.

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