Monday, July 2, 2012

Maine and Me Part 2

To start were I finished off was, after looking inside the stone church, it was back to the car and we hit route 1. Our next stop was Bailey Island, which is one of my favorite spots in Maine. At the end of the island ( which is called Lands End) I always look for sea glass
Well I think lots of other people found that to be a good spot as well, because there wasn't much to be found. After climbing over the bigger rocks, I did find a few good pieces to add to my collection at home. Oh we also stopped for ice cream when we were on the island. That was a yummy treat for a warm day! After leaving Bailey island, we made our way to Freeport which is the home of L.L. Bean. We visited the outlet and the main store, in all we came out with 2 pairs of flip flops (1pair for Grammy and 1 pair for me), 2 postcards, and a tee shirt. Not to bad! Our last stop was in Wells for dinner, which was at a place called Mainiax. Well of course I didn't have any seafood, but I didn't get chicken either! I got a really juicy cheeseburger! That concluded our trip to Maine. 
I had a great time and we fit in a lot in just 2 days! 
Thank you Grammy and Grandpa for taking the time to take me!
I Love you booth sooo much!!!!!!

This was the view from our room

These two pictures of Bailey Island are from a blog post from 2008, when we had a 
family reunion here. You can see the original post if you click on the picture above. 

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