Thursday, August 23, 2012

Falling Waters

Last week on the way home from a trip to Michigan, Noah and I went to tour Falling Waters.
 Falling Waters is a home that was built from 1936-1939 for  Edgar J. Kaufmann and his wife.
The house was designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright.The house is mostly built using cantilever design.
Noah and I, really enjoyed the hour long tour. Our tour was very informative and added lots of interesting tid' bits about Wright and his stubbornness to charge things for his clients! The property on which the house is situated is very beautiful and there are lots of hiking trails you can go on as well as touring the house.
For more information on the house and Frank Lloyd Wright you can visit the Falling Waters website here.
Below are some pictures of the outside of the house,since we were not allowed to take pictures of the inside.

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