Friday, September 21, 2012

My Family

                     A couple weeks ago our family took some much needed new Family Pictures.
                  The little children (who are not so little anymore!) have gotten much older and bigger since our
                  last picture. Noah did such an awesome job with these. I gotten a few comments from people  
                 wanting to know if we had these professionally done! No, they are just proof of Noah's amazing          
                 photography skills.They were taken in the evening in our back yard (more like the lane outback!).

Our Family is now back to our "normal" routine of daily life. The children are really enjoying their new School and Billy is loving being apart of the soccer team as well. Maybe soon I can get some pictures from a game of his. Also this week, I (Chloe) got a part time job at Keystone Wholesale Mall. It is the Wholesale warehouse that Dad has a booth at. I will be working 2 days a week, now to put a fire under me to keep at my Graphic Arts program online and finish it!! Noah is doing GREAT at his Nursing school, he really enjoys the SIM time and always has a funny story to share with us when we get home.
As for family news I think that is about it, I hope now that school is back in session that I can keep up this blog better, sorry for the LONG spaces between each post!  

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Anonymous said...

Chloe I love these pictures!! It was so fun spending Country Living with you guys...see you soon.