Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Noah!

As I told you earlier, I skipped Noah's 18th birthday when I didn't blog in January.
So today I thought I would post the pictures of his Big Day!As you will notice from the pictures, we got Noah a photo cake,which if you know Noah and his love of Photography, you could see how that was the perfect choice. Also the picture on the cake( which he took) is of his beloved guitar.He also got the pleasure of spending his birthday with our Grandparents from NH.
That was very special! Also another exciting thing since I have last posted,
is that Noah got his drivers licences!
So if you live in PA watch out!
No,I am just kidding, Noah is a Great driver.
Enjoy the belated pictures.

The other party guests were sure glad to see the cake and ice cream!

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