Friday, February 18, 2011

Presidents Day

Yesterday was story and craft time for our local library, and since Presidents day is on Monday,that was the theme. The Lady read them two books, one on George Washington and one on Abraham Lincoln. For the craft the children made three corner hats like George Washington,and Log cabins like Abraham Lincoln's out of small milk cartons,frosting,pretzels,and paper. I think the children ate more frosting and pretzels than they put on there houses!
Dad had me take some pictures so I could share them with you, Enjoy a good laugh!

One of the houses magically disappeared before I took the photo,
I wonder if it ended up in someones tummy!

Billy is always very careful to mark what is his.
I thought this looked so cute,staking out his claim on "his" cabin

There sure is a lot of evidence on Ty's face of some finger lick'in!

Caught you Abby red handed with you fingers in your mouth,

how does the frosting taste?

Proud of the evenings accomplishments!


Noah C. said...

Hey Chloe I think your blog is awesome and so does everyone else who reads it even if they don't say so. Keep up the good work! You forgot to mention I was at the library too! Crazy!! Chaotic!!! And totally Happy Chappys!!

Anonymous said...

Chloe, Those kids are sure lucky having you for a sister. Looks like you all had lots of fun ! Wish I was there to join in. It sure is cold here in NH today. The thermometer reads 17 and the wind is high. Love the pictures keep them coming.


Grammy L.