Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

Well I am back! After a very busy January,which included unexpected sickness and recovery for some members of our family and our big wholesale show, I am back and ready to blog away!
In the past month I missed blogging about Noah's 18Th birthday,
which I might still sneak in this month!
But, back to the subject at hand, which is obviously Valentines day.
Even though valentines is normally a holiday for couples, Mom and Dad have always gotten each of us children a little sweet which ended up being Reese's Pieces in a plastic red heart.
This year they decided to go out for Dinner,
so Mom and I got together something special for our dinner here at home.
Lasagna (which I wish I could say I made!),peas,garlic bread,peaches,and sparkling grape juice (yes that is what is in the tall bottle).
Also for dessert our friends at the Bakery gave us there new Strawberry cream cake roll.
It on the same idea as a pumpkin roll except it is a white cake with strawberry and cream cheese filling.It was divine!

Happy Valentines Day!

Dad did a great job providing the decorations for the table,
Thanks Dad!

Oh Joy!

Ty is not an expert in the SMILE department!

"When can I open it ?"

This Year Noah had a Sweet Heart to share the day with,
His new ipod!

Where's dessert? I'm waiting.

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